Welcome to my personal blog - a hodgepodge of my musical, art/design, and fashion tastes, among other things. I reblog like hell because tumblr's got so much good stuff that I want to share with you - it's like a visual buffet. I write/doodle often so I occasionally post my scribbles and creations on here under #words and #doodles. If you're looking for more of my art stuff, check out Kitteh Noir on Tumblr / Facebook. SECTIONS ______________________________________________________ ORIGINAL CONTENT :: WORDS. PHOTOS. ART . COFFEE NOTES . ______________________________________________________ CURATED CONTENT :: FAVORITES. SOUNDS. READS. ARTICLES. INTERVIEWS. DOCUMENTARIES. BOREDOM FEEDER. QUOTES.
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Vuvuvuvu #kittehnoir #doodles

Little Prince Penguin. #kittehnoir #doodles


Illustration by Kitteh NoirColoring by Justin Pants


Work in progress: Escape Plan

Meet Iz n’ Ig.

Izzy (short for Ismelda) and Iggy (short for Igarfeinklestein) say hello.

Siamese Beans


h2o colorz 

One with the carpet 

Drew these at Dripp (cafe in Chino) some time ago.

An old doodle - contemplative bunneh. 

Doodling on the flavorboard at Scoops Westside. Photo courtesy of Lisa Bao. 


Pls hire me as your cat :3 

I excel in shenanigans


Brain Crash Prevention / Addiction